It’s that time of spring again. TeX Live 2024 is now available for download! I have the happy honor of assisting in a small way by creating and initially seeding the torrent for the TeX Live ISO.

The torrent file (filename: texlive2024-20240312.iso.torrent / size: 30 KB) is available for download from The official web page for “Acquiring TeX Live as an ISO image” hasn’t yet been updated with this year’s torrent file, but Karl Berry tells me that should be happening within the next day or so. The magnet link is also available now if that’s more convenient for you.

Both the torrent file and the magnet link have been preloaded with those trackers that I observed did a lot of the heavy lifting this past year of making the TeX Live 2023 ISO available to interested downloaders. I presume these trackers will carry on and help keep the TeX Live 2024 ISO easy to find and well seeded in the coming year.

This is my 6th year in a row creating and initially seeding the torrent for the TeX Live ISO, and it has been such a delight for me to help out in this small and specific way. For more than a decade, TeX (or rather LaTeX specifically) has brought me countless hours of productivity and enjoyment “typesetting beautiful documents” (as Don put it). What better small job could there be than to help put the new TeX Live in as many hands as possible as quickly as possible? 🙂